Begin Your Faith First By . . .

Bible Verses To Help You Begin Your Faith
Prayer to Say to God To Begin Your Faith
Words of Advice to Help You As You Begin Your Faith
Bible Verses To Encourage You As You Begin Your Faith
1. Understanding who Jesus is and what He did for us. He was God's only son and He loved us so much that He chose to willingly die in our place for our sins/wrong doings, even though we are the ones who did the wrong against God and His ways.

2. Understanding who you are. You are just a mere human. You are weak and vulnerable without God in your life. You will continue to commit sins/wrong doings against God without Jesus in your life. You need God's strength, power and love in your life to make it here on this earth.

3. Understanding that God loves you and wants a relationship or family connection with you. He wants to take care of you like a Father cares for his children.

4. Understanding that it is easy to have that connection with God by believing that Jesus died for your sins/wrongdoings and that He showed his power over sin and death by coming back to life. You just need to admit that you have committed sin/wrongdoings and that you need Jesus to forgive you and ask Him to come live in your heart.
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