Words of Advice to Help You As You Begin Your Faith

God loves us, even though we have done wrong and will continue do wrong things.
So don't think God doesn't love you when you mess up as you begin your new walk with him.
(Read Romans 5:8)
You need to ready and study the Bible regularly. You need to learn about God and His ways, so that you can live a life that pleases Him.
(Read II Timothy 2:15)
You can accomplish through your own home personal bible studies, online bible studies or attending a bible study group at a church.
(Bible Studies at FSBC)
It is important to take time to memorize bible verses. Then when you are feeling tempted to do somthing that may not be right you can refer in your mind to a bible verse you may already know to help you fight off the temptation to do wrong.
(Read Joshua 1:8)
If you do committ a sin or do something against God's word after you begin your faith, remember to admit to God that you did wrong and ask for his help not to do it again. Also, remember once you ask God for forgiveness, He remembers your wrong no more.
(Read I John 1:9 and
Psalm 103:12)
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